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Local Photos Of The Holsworthy Area.

Lower Tamar Lake - Sutcombe

View of smaller lakeUsed originally as a water reserve for the Holsworthy/Bude canal, with the onset of the railways and demise of canal transport it was purchased by Bude and Stratton for their water supply. Extensively rebuilt in the 1970's it now consists of the Upper and Lower Lakes.
The upper lake caters for watersports, anglers and cream teas. The lower lake has some coarse fishing and it is also a nature reserve, which includes a hide for birdwatchers. On a nice summers day it is a very beautiful and tranquil place to visit.

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Seagulls on the LakeInteresting FungiLeafy WalkwayView of lakeAnother view of the lake
Wild DuckTortoiseshell ButterflySmall Copper ButterflyView of smaller lakeAnothe view of smaller lake