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Local Photos Of The Holsworthy Area.


Approach from Launceston 2003Various pictorial views of the town, both past and present, the earliest picture being East View at Sunset that was taken on film around 1969 and converted to a digital photo in 2003. Several were taken during the glorious summer of 2003. The Snow ones were during November 2005.

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Approach from Launceston 2003Methodist Church Bodmin Street 2003Holsworthy Church 2003Welcome to Holsworthy 2003
The Square By Night 2003The Market Hall and Arcade 2003View of the Square 2003View of Fore Street 2003
Holsworthy Social ClubView of the Square 2003Bodmin Street 2003Holsworthy Museum 2003
Holsworthy Memorial hall 2008Holsworthy Memorial hall 2008East View 2003East View at Sunset 1969
Falling Snow Nov 2005Blue Skies after the Snow Nov 2005Manor Court 2008Chapel Street 2008
The Library 2003View of Holsworthy Viaduct 2008.The Square Xmas Eve 2008