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Local Photos Of The Holsworthy Area.

Derriton Viaduct - Holsworthy

Derriton ViaductOpened in 1898 it was reputedly the first large concrete structure in Britain. It enabled the London & South Western Railway which opened in Holsworthy in 1879, to reach Bude and started its growth as a holiday resort.
Since closure in the 1960s it remained in a state of neglect until recently. It now belongs to Sustrans (a British Charity). It has been renovated and is now the impressive entry point to a stretch of cycle track that runs to Lambs Lane. This was opened in 2005 as a section of the Ruby Way - part of the National Cycle Network. This makes a delightful walk in the summer and below are a few views that can be seen along the route.

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Derriton ViaductClose Up of DateWestern ViaductTown from Viaduct
View Back To The TownCommemorative MilestoneCloseup of SignHarvesting Time
Nice GraffitiChurch Tower from Viaduct