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Local Photos Of The Holsworthy Area.

Holsworthy and Area Photographs

These are a few photographs of Holsworthy and the surrounding area, some old and some new, that I have gathered over the years.
Categories at present are :-

Holsworthy Town
A few photogaphs taken around the town.

The Old Railway Station
A few photos showing the development of the old station site to a new Supermarket and Housing estate.

Badock Gardens
A few pictures of this pleasant retreat.

Derriton Viaduct
Some photos of the viaduct and things to see along the route to Lambs Lane.

Around and About
Various views of the surrounding area.

Lower Tamar Lake
Pictures of the Lower Tamar Lake reservoir and bird sanctuary at Sutcombe.

The Atlantic Coast
A few photogaphs of the Atlantic coast which is only a few miles from Holsworthy.

Photos of Yesteryear
A photogaphic record showing a little of Holsworthy's past.